Traditional quality and service.

New Braunfels Landscape Supply is the premier landscape material and supply company in Central Texas. We focus on high-quality softscape, hardscape, specialty stone, sands and comprehensive landscape materials such as edging, cements, fabrics and tools, among others. We cater to the premier landscape architect and developer as well as the discerning individual homeowner. We are known for our deep product knowledge, hospitality and emphasis on customer service and signature delivery.

Our Heritage

We are not your typical landscape supply facility. We have a passion for getting things right and delivering the absolute best customer experience. Our knowledge of geology and material science, combined with operational expertise, sets us apart.

We started off as a specialty softscape supply company offering custom soils, loams, mulches, manures and composts more than ten years ago. We have since expanded into hardscape, specialty stone and general landscape materials and supplies.

We are recognized for our friendly service, efficient delivery and high-quality sourced materials. We bring the same expert product knowledge and landscape expertise to professional landscape companies and homeowners alike, never compromising on our customer’s satisfaction.